Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Bloggie’s 1st Birthday

10th aug! my bloggie is 1 years old le!!


and till date, i've posted a total number of 591 posts, including this one... and looking back, my most fav 3 posts are:
1. Megan’s Arrival posted on 4th April 2008, Friday

2. Farm Walkie posted on 16th February 2008, Saturday

3. Canal Walkie posted on 12th January 2008, Saturday



1. being nominated as top 10 in the OMY S’pore Blog Awards Individual Category

2. and there is no number 2 achievement wor… :P

however, the race is still on for OMY S’pore Blog Awards. After a series of ferocious public voting, I came in 2nd… and winners will be announced at the Singapore Blog Awards ceremony on 5th Sept…


my sincere thanks to all readers of ningmengcha… it is extremely encouraging to know that ningmengcha is replacing newspaper in some people's daily morning breakfast routine; and to know that some of my posts are being discussed among readers; and to know that readers are feeling disappointed when there is no post for the day; and to know that readers come from every corners of the world (except africa thou); and to know that my bloggie actually inspired people to start blogging...

I’ll continue to share my story with readers of ningmengcha and looking forward to another exciting and fun-filled year ahead… so read on, to be bored, amused and be entertained by my story.

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