Saturday, January 5, 2008

all the 0 and all the 255

back home le... omg, 4am liao... got cw's call at 10pm, to pick me up at my place. so, kissed joelle and megan goodbye, and off to work... joelle made me to promise to megan no drinking tonight, so, tonight its really only strictly business... reached office and started working. got to configure a router to replace the existing old one, so need to key in all the cisco ios codes, all the and the alamak, all the numbers looked the same, see stars liao~~~

3am plus! managed to get it working at last. off we go... tomolo another round at gmt... also router thingy... sianz... while we were at the concourse lobby, saw the new starbucks store. funny, why are they setting up an umbrella under a roof??

yawn... got to go sleep liao... tired out... :S

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