Wednesday, January 2, 2008

一二三四... 五香!

yup, ytd we were talking about joelle's mum's 五香 so nicey great and 好久没有煮了... this evening, before knocking off, joelle sms me saying her mum cooking 五香! mai gok tu liao... lets go!! took a bus from buggis to bt.panjang, hell of a long ride, terrible traffic jam... finally reached bt.panjang, and luckily got go toilet before boarding bus, cuz when reached, 又尿急了... :P

saw this ice-cream uncle's cool biker, 忍不住, 偷snap一下.

五香!! hmmm... 这样拍有点象... oh well...

okie dokie, going back to the korean drama again...
oh, was watching 咖啡王子1号店 since ytd...

episode 7 & 8 tonight, 我去努力加油了!

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