Thursday, January 3, 2008

looking at bright side

this morning, we took a $23 cabbie ride to work. not really going to be late, but just too darn lazy to take train... and since we reached buggis early, so we had bfast at the banquet foodcourt at raffles hospital... the coffee came in a big cup, not really nice thou... and the fried bee hoon sucks... don't go there for bfast, go hungry instead, its more worth that way...

oh ya, back to the title, looking at bright side of things... last week, joelle went for her checkup. complaint to doc adrian about she having cramps on her leg... doc adrian replied "its normal lah, better than 2 legs cramp right?" god, i admire his optimism... 话说回来,又不是他的腿cramp啊... hee... :P

and for me, tomolo is company's dnd. this year, i didn't go, cuz really tired of the event already, and don't wanna leave joelle home alone... but, 那里知道, got to go back tomolo at 9pm to work... its that router thingy at gmt... sianz... and if doesn't go well, got to go back on sat... come to think about it, luckily didn't opt to go for dnd... imagine wanna go and then realised got to come back office to work... even more sianz... and luckily its only a building away from concourse, not some ulu place at jurong island...

and got a phone call today from some slimming company, asking me if i wanna go for a free slimming course... nb, i fat meh?? hmmm, luckily i'm not fat, if not, i may be tempted to go for the free slimming course, and spend money in the end wor... time to do situps again... :P

so, sometimes, looking at bright side of things do helps abit...
就继续往好的方向看吧... 我就继续看韩剧了!
sa-rang-hae-yo means i love you
kwen-chah-nah-yo means nevermind
che-sohng-hahm-ni-da means i'm sorry
kahm-sa-hahm-ni-da means thank you

sa-yo-na-ra means good the bye... and its not korean...

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