Thursday, January 10, 2008


someone asked, hey, recently your bloggie sounds so moody, you ok or not. i'm, in fact very the moodyz, with a trialing 'z' to amplify the moodiness. don't get it? ok, sian is only sian when its sian, and when its sianz, then its really very very sian... still don't get it? tupidz leh...

the thing is, thanks for the someone's concern, but she don't really need to. cuz, when it comes to blog, in my view, its just a channel for me to let it out... you know, to kpkb, to tell a story, to let feelings flow out using the words and pictures i post on my bloggie. be it goody mood or baddy mood... something like, radio bah... just broadcast lor, and those tuned to it, just listen lor... no big deal, but thanks anyway.

life is like that one, full of ups and downs, just like ice-lemon tea, taste sweet and sour at the same time. but sometimes you get some, you lose some. so, i'm really ok, every moodyz thingy nowadays are just work... i meant, who's not being drag down by work and still need to drag ass to work?

oh well, see, i'm kpkb-ing again... anyway, today is not another good day either. right from the start somemore. first up, its the train. bloody mrt don't know why today frequency so the bad. take so long to come and so many people already waiting for the train to come... this is how bad our public transport is. always up the fare, and never up the service, MONOPOLY @ssh0l3... joelle told me, its due to mrt's track fault... oh ya, right, smrt just say its track fault and now, everyone's late for work and whose fault? our own fault lor... smrt, wake up lah, LTA still dare to put this on their website lor... reliable... what a joke... reliable is when at fault, send your people to stand at control station and give out letters of apologises to commuters...

that aside, once we got onto a train, no seats... everyone sitting is either reading, sleeping, acting blur... and guess what some people are actually reading? bible... oh ya, right, god forget to say "please give up your seat to preggies"... bible readers at trains... hypocrites... hope your god forgives you...

work for me, not smooth either... but pace got slowed down after lunchie... phew... tot, can knock off on time, guess what, last minute thingy from users again... what to do? do lor... when i reached buggis, saw a 包公 sitting outside seiyu waiting for me, "weiiii~~~~ wooo~~~~ 升堂!!!!"

so so sorry... felt so bad to let you wait...


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