Monday, December 31, 2007

new year eve

last day of the year. anything thats not done today, will have to be left for next year. anything that i don't wanna do today, next year then do liao... that is... tomolo lor... was telling joelle, from next year, i need to start training for my ippt liao, cuz window closing at april... and joelle replied "next year? tomolo lor..." ghee... tomolo next year liao lor... had a great last day of 2007. i meant, if you wake up to this view from your window, what can go wrong for the day right?

and when i reached office, sat on my chair, saw the pile of work on my desk, these words on the label (that joelle pasted on my desk) put a smile on my face...

and whenever buggy users called me on the phone, i'll always answer with ....
i can't find a word that describes happy+joy.
oh ya, joelle just told me, the word is euphoria... (wow... got ink wor)

time goes by really slow today. not many people come to work, and those who comes, doesn't work... ok lah, maybe just me, keke... brought my wine opener today, cuz cw bought the kangaroo ridge for a little celebration... and maybe the most quality work i did today was to complete the nomination form for 2008's RC chairman... :P

my fav kangaroo ridge! and with a good wine opener, cw also cannot open a wine properly lor... weak ahhh... but thank god i 'ran' away after this bottle, cuz within the next 2 hours, cw, mathew, edmund et al opened and consumed 7 bottles of red wine... 有那么口渴吗?

brought joelle to have dinner at this 高记饺子拉面 resturant at buggis. the food is great, the service is superb! lets toast to end of 2007... cheers!

first up, 小笼汤饱. there's only 1 way to grab the 饱, that is by using the chopstick and grab the 'nipple' of the 饱... (as best described by rek...)
and to eat it, there are 2 methods:
1. put the whole 饱 into your mouth, and bite. (warning, hot oozing soup!)
2. nimble at the 饱, suck and drink the oozing soup, and munch the whole thing.

enuff of 101 tips for eating 汤饱...
here comes our 拉面.
mine is the 酸辣海鲜拉面.
joelle's is 炸浆拉面.

after that, joelle is flipping thru the menu for dessert and i told joelle "好想吃一样东西".
we both exclaimed "豆沙锅饼!!"

next up, shopping time... we went OG looking at baby stuffs...
these baby thingy, so the cute... keke..

and got pinky cap wor... haha...

btw, that dragon i was holding... it ROARS wor...

k lah, the year is coming to an end soon. with this, lets look back at my 2007.

2007, the year we went for our honeymoon, the year we were blessed with megan, the year i had my last resrvist, the year i started blogging and the year we changed our ic...

2008, the year where all the numbers add up to a perfect 10. that will be the year, megan arrives. the year when we enter parenthood, and our world will be revolving around this little angel. to my friends, wishing you all be blessed with health and wealth.

with this, i end my post for 2007. time now, 23:32, another perfect 10. promised myself to sleep like a pig this holiday eve... the best way to celebrate the end of 2007, and may i wake up every morning in 2008 with a view like the first picture above!

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