Friday, December 14, 2007


saw derrick's msg on my shoutmix this morning. he's wondering if megan feels all the excitements going outside her little haven inside joelle's tummy. oh well, i guess she does feel it lor. last nite, while blogging and surfing, joelle was watching tv outside and suddenly called to me, saying megan is doing some multi-kicks... i didn't respond to her, and after a while, then go out to watch tv with her, and i asked joelle if little megan is kicking?
joelle: "踢完了啦,megan睡觉了... "
me: "不可能,我叫她的话,她会应我的"
joelle: "你try lor..."
so i whisper to megan at joelle's tummy...
me: ""megan, daddy's here, show mummy kick kick"
there's utter slience, and joelle gave me that yaya-papaya look...
suddenly, megan kicks again... hee... 乖啦,daddy爱死你了... keke

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