Sunday, December 9, 2007


ahhh... sunday... a rainy one...
my fav day of the week. simply wanna laze around doing absolute nothing. something neat about sunday, do you know that if the first day of the month starts on a sunday, there's a friday the 13th? oh well, do the maths, you'll know why...

woke up pretty early, in fact, too darn early... 7am, i think... so decided to make bfast, french toast! now why french toast? hey, even if you know its the only bfast i can make, don't say so loud k? no wait, i'm not asking why i'm making french toast... i'm asking why its called french toast! ah ha, got you, its not because it came from france. its called the french toast, because people uses bread that become stale after 1 day to cook... (especially french bread...) now, since everyone knows how to cook up french toast, i'll go quick on this one:
1. eggs
2. bread
3. cut it
4. add sugar, just beat it!!!
5. soak it
6. oil it
7. toast it
8. don't forget it...

halfway thru, joelle woke up, taste it and commented its tasteless... hmmm... what did i miss out wor? joelle then took out the secret ingredient: butter... now we got half tasteless toast, half tasty toast... so, don't ever forget the butter, cuz butter makes your toast better, butter, better... got it? good...

after bfast, we sit back and enjoy the show i got from, errr... mr wang...
its jay's movie, 不能说的.秘密.
very nice show, slow thou, but nice... especially when we found out the lead female character's name is 路小雨... most people probably don't know, before we were expecting megan, i was telling joelle, if we ever have a girl, i'll call her 陆小雨... joelle was against it thou... keke... (psst, and her christian name would be drizzle...)

anyway, we've decided that megan's chinese name will be 陸瑀萱...
so what does the name means then?
Megan: little pearl
陸: land, army, or the number 6
瑀: jade
萱: hemerocallis flava (lemon lily)

white and pure like a pearl, precious like a jade, pretty like a flower...
thats my little girl... :P

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