Friday, December 21, 2007


joelle reached home pretty late today, around 9+, cuz she went shopping for some x-mas gift for her colleagues. she got a towel from her company gift exchange thingy, just nice, for megan...

she got additional presents from another 2 colleagues... hmmm, i guess girls have more 情趣 then us guys... imagine me giving presents to der, tc and cw... eeeew... yucks... haha...

so to return the favour, joelle went shopping... while she is on it, she bought herself this necklace... i wonder if she really going to wear it thou... she got that 'buy and don't use' bad habit... we'll see then.

just now, joelle angrily came to me and complaint her 姑姑 siao one, so late liao still call her the old computer in her room still want or not... if want or don't want, call up so late then get answer liao, whats she going to do about it?
i replied: "your family siao one mah..."
joelle: "oei, you also say i siao lah?"
me: "ah bah den? so late liao 还在包礼物..."
joelle: "hee... 我喜欢,你惯我"
me: "siao..."

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