Saturday, December 22, 2007

simply amazing, and its not about my new camera

knn, 无缘无故 kanna. spoilt my mood to do x-mas shopping.
it doesn't mean that if i smile at you everytime, you can fuck around with me. hey, i can take comment or criticism if its only targeted at me, and not when you are fuck up with your own thing and leash at me like a dog...

anyway, push that aside, i finally got my camera. was intending to replace my samsung digimax camera ever since we got it... the camera is best in everything, except two... 1. its lens are so sensitive to light, it always over-expose when there is bright light. but with correct angle, it can be overcome. 2. its AA battery life sucks, real time... imagine changing a fresh pair of batteries, only to hear it complaining low batt after 10 shots? sucks real time... 1 last look before it got faded into oblivion...

tadaa... my new camera... the panasonic lumix fx33.

there is a fx55, totally same function as fx33 but with a larger screen, bigger frame, $50 more and more 吃电. so, why am i considering the fx33?

1. it comes with a wide angle lens. so, standing at the same spot, lumix can capture more of my subject than digimax.

2. anti-shake function. most camera have this function except my old digimax lor.

3. intelligent auto function, where it can detect the subject your camera is pointing at, then determine the best mode for you. that is, if pointing at far objects, landscape mode is automatically selected, likewise for near objects, macro mode is selected.

4. face detection. no more half shutter press to determine focusing. the lumix detects the face of your subject(s), and impressively, locks the focus on the face. meaning, once the af is locked on the face, even when the subject is moving, the af lock follows... cool... and focusing is started automatically before you decides to shoot...

went funan ytd to buy. ask here and there, this is how it goes:
1. song brothers
- $549
- camera + spare batt + 2GB SD

2. unknown 1
- $498
- camera + spare batt + 2GB SD + 2GB SD
(hmmm, i already have a 2GB SD at home)

3. unknown 2
- $5xx
- camera + xxx
(don't bother to know what they giving also liao)

4. back to song brother
- $485
- camera + spare batt + 2GB SD + card reader + screen protector
we have a deal here...

okie, time to bring our new camera out to play... joelle is amazed that the camera can 'face-detect' her face (cuz she small eyes... haha) and i'm pretty amazed that it can't detect my face... oh, 原来我带帽子lor...

怎么样?够 wide 吗?

maybe to fill you in, joelle is only 1 meter away from me...

with anti-shake, with movement detection, with wide angle, 拿来自拍最好不过了...

joelle just showed me what her team leader gave her... a pair of... crocked spoons?? nah, the crocked part bears an important function wor...

amazing! how considerate people design their products nowadays.
and its even more amazing how people can forget about considering others feeling before leasing at others like a dog... simply amazing...

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