Monday, December 17, 2007

wants and needs

saw these at bhg buggis, and was telling joelle that i wanna buy eeyore, winnie and tigger for megan. each was selling at $6... joelle stopped me thou, cuz she got the capitaland voucher... and said we buy when she bring the voucher.

but then again, when its tomolo, maybe wouldn't buy liao... its always that spur of moment when you wanna buy something so much, and was stopped, and the next time you wouldn't wanna buy anymore and all excuses will be thrown in... just like my samsung camera, i have been wanting to replace it, cuz the tupid battery is really weak... was so tempted to buy but was stopped time and time again... now, i only wanna see see look look, but not going to buy liao... its that wants and needs issue thingy... whatever...

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