Tuesday, December 18, 2007


hey, the 晴天娃娃 works wor... 'hang' it on my bloggie post and this morning, no rain... but not power enuff, cuz it rained in the afternoon... luckily lunchie didn't rain, cuz went army market for lunchie... had my usual ice-lemon tea again, and a little bee 偷偷 fly over to take a sip... ghee, the ice-lemon tea too sweet?? i drink everyday wor...

work work work, and its working at gmt again... this time cw, fk and me went over to gmt to setup this freaking big and heavy hp plotter... guess we are now certified hp engineer liao... keke... tc even more poor thing, went to gmt 3 times today, to recieve delivery of a copier, then a plotter, then go over to install print queue for the copier and plotter... like i said lor, IT 饭, 不好吃...

stayed for an hour to work. got to clear some things by today cuz tomolo me and cw going over to power seraya, yup, that 鸟不生蛋的地方, to settle the copier over there. poor joelle and megan, waiting for me at buggis... felt so guilty... :(

we tabao our dinner back home and decided to make tea... ahhh, the last 2 teabags... 百包铁观音就这样喝完了... 东西就是这样,开始的时候有好多好多,渐渐的,慢慢的,一包一包的,就拿完了... 这么办呢?? 再买一包啦, aiyo...


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