Sunday, December 16, 2007

weekiat and yinfun's wedding dinner

just came back from weekiat and yinfun's wedding dinner.
once again, leave home late, took a cabbie, dropped joelle at her mum's place and was stucked in traffic jam from steven's road, all the way till scotts road... gonna be very very late... darn the x-mas shoppers... grrr... anyway, wedding dinners were never on time... so, i'm still not late thou...

once i got into the ballroom, the pb table kinda exclaimed when they saw me... tot i'm looking exceptionally great today, 原来 they tot i'm wearing the same shirt as nathan... oh well, our shirt definitely looked the same wor... but mine is from ebase, his is from fred perry... mine is M size, his is L or XL... haha... oops, no offense, nathy... keke

here comes the lovebirds... this is the first time i see lotsa flowergirls and page-boys wor... i think total got 8 of them wor... wow, are they intending to have so many?? haha... weekiat and yinfun, 要很加油哦!

hey hey, its 芋泥 again wor... how come, every wedding dinner i went without joelle, has 芋泥 in the menu? haha, dear, you really no 口福 wor, 就让你大饱眼福吧... 来来来, 望酶止渴一下, keke... lets see tomolo, teresa's wedding have 芋泥 or not... (crossing fingers)

oh well, the famous nancy and her boys... ghee, sounds like nancy's pimping us... der, cw, nancy and me... we are also known as her sons... hmmm, 两个儿子都成家了,只剩下der了... hee...

oh well, last but not least, to the pretty bride and the lucky groom, may your blissful marriage be like cheese and wine, it just get better with time!

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