Friday, December 28, 2007

99 days

finally home from work... all because of someone last nite go and trip the company power supply and the old UPS in the rack containing all the switches failed to continue supplying power until main power resumed... so, tonight, tc and me stayed over to change a new UPS... since got to wait until everyone not working, we knocked off at 5:30pm and came back at 10pm... so i met joelle for dinner at buggis... from the pict below, got any idea where we go?
its sake sushi... yummy...

after dinner, joelle went back to office with me... cuz later can claim cabbie, so she decided to wait for me... but, its always never 1 hour can complete one lor... only managed to leave office by 11:45pm... so tired now... and joelle had to use my company's label machine to print out "megan daddy's desk" and stick it over my desk lor... aiyo...
oh ya, got my bonus and increment letter today... with megan arriving next year, 凡事还是省点用... i'm anticipating a recession in 2008, having ready cash around is always the best lor... speaking of which, 99 days till megan's arrival!

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