Friday, September 19, 2008

她说 八 啦!

we took a day off today... not to rest and relax thou, cuz got to bring megan for her 3rd vaccination... i always have this phobia to bring megan for her vaccination, cuz i'm always the one holding her as joelle claimed she don't have the strength to restrain megan if she is kicking when getting the injection... so, its always me lor...

and little one woke up early as usual and started hitting me with her hands... anyway we can't sleep too late cuz the doc's office hour till 11am only... so we gotten ourselves ready...


and megan doesn't seem to know whats going to happen today...


until we were at the clinic, she then realised today is not going gai gai... number 39 is the number...


even thou the tv is showing mr bean, megan ain't amused at all... cuz the LED showing number 38 now... you're next darling... (psst, i'm feeling nervous too...)


now lets take megan's weight... us minus me equal megan... and she is 7.3kg now...


after some assessment, here comes the shot... in goes the needle...


out comes the needle... there i was, getting ready for megan's cries, in another 1...2...3...4...5...???


5 counts, still no tears?? no cries??? wow... megan is such a brave girl wor... daddy is so proud of you!!! and i looked at joelle with an amazed look, who is also having the same amazed look... and joelle was pointing the camera at megan and said "megan... smile..."

i replied "aiyo, you asking too much right? 没有哭已经不错了, 你还要她笑??"

and we signed megan up for her first dose of rotavirus vaccine... the leading cause for severe diarrhoea among infants... and we are considering giving megan her pneumococcal vaccine... this disease causes some major infection of the brain, blood, lungs and ear, and its pretty expensive... and since situation is not so jia lak in singapore... we decided to go for it... haa, i'm not making any sense hor? but prevention better than cure lah...


and in celebration of megan's braveness, we had over lunch at ajisen... :P


so long time never eat at ajisen liao... yummy... :P


end of the day for us?? not so... gotten an sms last nite and we realised baby boy of he ann and huiping arrived ytd... and since we are off today... lets go visit the new mummy and daddy of the new baby boy...


cam whoring along the way...


and here's the baby boy... haven't got a name yet, cuz need to look for shifu to 'calculate' a name for him... and his christian name going to start with Z, and of course, the new parents having decide on one yet... ghee, 好难哦... looking up, not much of choice either... but then again, not my problem, haha...


and speaking of not my problem... looking at the new parents, i realised how difficult it was for us to adjust our life for the arrival of megan 5-6 months ago... and now, it seems we get pretty much used to the new lifestyle already... oh well, lets see how well the new parents going to handle... (don't know why i got this evil grin inside me... kekeke...)

and of course, we can't help not to carry a newborn now... before we have megan, carrying a newborn is a not-go for us, cuz we're so afraid... but not now, don't know why so desired to carry a newborn now... it almost seems like we have forgotten how megan was when she was a newborn... back then, she was so easy to carry, and her demands were so easy to met... now? different loh... i would say, the first 3 months, honeymoon period lah... 过来人, 讲话会比较大声, keke...


as the excitement is built around the newborn, we kind of left megan playing on the sofa... of course, i didn't forget to snap this nice shot of megan...


and as we were chatting with huiping, suddenly we heard megan shouted a loud and clear "爸"! i looked around at joelle and huiping for confirmation, and huiping was like confirming my doubtful look with "有有有, 我也有听到"

joelle, however, was like "听错啦, 她说 八 啦"

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  1. oh. mi. gosh.

    your baby is so freaking adorable!