Friday, September 26, 2008

fone 29

took a day off today to have some time with joelle... and this morning, heavy downpour wor... and megan is so happy to see us still home with her when she is supposed to be at her nanny's place already...


wooo... looking cool eh?


and she is so efficient with flipping nowadays and kept flipping over... problem is... she don't know how to flip back... and so, stayed there until she pek chek and cries, then we helped her to flip back... :P


and after sending megan to her nanny... of we go to... yup, suntec...


for this pot of soup... our all time fav, the chong qing hotpot! ok, no time to take picture... 2 hours of non-stopping eating action starts now!!!


and after lunch, we took a walk and heard loud engine roaring! F1 practicing?? when over to see then realised its the porsche carrera cup practice session wor... for the first time, we get to see and hear a fast roaring porsche running at full speed wor... (those uncles driving porsche in singapore, keep stucking in traffic lights... no kicks watching them... haha) and this is the best shot i can get before the police drove us away... :P


and the F1 heat is heating up at city hall wor... lotsa people there... oh well, we couldn't get to see the F1 in action, but still managed get a glimpse of this replica thou...


and i finally bought me a pair of sandals... had been wanting to replace that old OP sandals, but just can find one until today... :)


okie dokie... fone 29 (F1 tonight) later gonna watch F1 on tv... :)

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