Wednesday, September 24, 2008


this morning, woke up and found that it was raining cats and dogs outside... so after showered, i waited and waited... finally joelle said that she will send megan to the nanny after the rain stopped (joelle on 1 week leave, btw)... somehow i still stayed on, cuz megan has woken up and looking just so darn sweet... couldn't bear to leave home for work...



and so i stayed until 8am then took cab to work... and due to the bloody heavy rain, comes the heavy jam... reached office late, and started working like a cow... busy all the way until lunch time then i realised i didn't had my first cup of coffee at all!

meanwhile, back home, joelle was trying to do a karen cheng thingy with megan only to realised megan was already sleeping... haha... this is so cute...


and maybe because of the cool morning, little one slept so soundly, that she didn't realise her pacifier is dropping out...


and still tot she is sucking on her pacifier even its been removed... awww... look at the way megan sleeps... psst, did i mentioned, every nite, before i sleep, i would look at sleeping megan for a while before i doze off?


back to me... was still darn busy after lunch... oh ya, derrick guo joined eveie and me for lunchie... that boy is so darn busy with his school life... all the best bro...

and finally, comes the end of the day... and dragging my war-torn body back home and to be rejuvenated by the great tasty homecook dinner prepared by joelle... fishball soup, stirred-fried pumpkin and steam egg... my goodness, seems like too much food for the 2 of us hor?


but wait! someone is joining us at the table today! hello darling! but of course, she is not eating with us, she is joining us at the table only... and yup, there's too much food for the 2 of us... after dinner, i could feel the food filling my stomach right up to my throat... i so darn full! hmmm... housewife joelle... (ghee, i just can't imagine it, haha...)


and megan, simply watching us eating until she got bored... so we throw a toy to her... dun seem interested...


hmmm... this one seems to interest her... but only for a while, before she got bored again...


this definitely work... her fav ball ball thingy... she seems interested in ball ball thingys...


but of course, she still prefer daddy to play with her... :)


after dinner, after showering, i put megan on my arm while watching tv... joelle was so jealous that she decided to 'squeeze' in to take my remaining arm... i was telling joelle "aiya, 没有位了啦..." keke...


in the end, joelle gave up... but not megan... she just seem so comfy laying on my arm... now looking at this picture taken by joelle, i realised, our left hands are in the same position wor... sometimes i wonder, is she close to me, or i'm close to her??


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