Monday, September 8, 2008

what happened these few days?

wow... it had been quite some time since i last blogged... i guess lotsa readers may be disappointed, but... i guess most of my readers enjoyed the megan turning video since it was the last thingy i blogged... and since it was also one of the most viewed video in my youtube profile in just 5 days...


so, what happened these few days? hmmm... lazy lor... and tired lor... lets see what actually happened these few days...


last friday, the winners of the singapore blog awards was announced at the asia civilisations museum, which i didn't attend cuz i can't possibly go anywhere during weekdays except home to fetch megan with joelle... and i didn't win in my category... the results can be found in, click it to view each category's winners. thou not able to win anything (kaoz, not even the phone...) but i did have my fair share of fun and get to know some interesting bloggers (not as in really know them personally thou)...

- miss geraldine, a young student in japan

- miss zoe-anne, another young student in s'pore

- mr darren, a young malaysian working in singapore

- mr abaoo, another young malaysian working in malaysia...

obviously, the difference between me and them, i'm older... and the similarities? we didn't win in the omy blog awards... keke... alright, i'm really bo liao... but glad to come across such interesting people... :)


and... we finally fixed up a 摇篮 for megan on sat... and my dad came over to help drill the hook thingy up the ceiling, and we both got really dusted from the falling dust... 'cough cough'... and when its done, ta daa! megan's first 摇篮...


and its so comfy for her that, she slept soundly for 3 hours straight on a hot sat afternoon...



and sat nite, i'm leaving the girls (joelle and megan) behind at mil's place, and go for shiwei's bachelor nite! ever know whats the thing about bachelor nite? the married ones are always more excited than the marrying one!!! haha!!! sat morning i called shiwei to confirm the time but he said cannot make it liao... disappointed of course, but can't force him mah... and when the rest of the gangs are informed, shiwei is being bombarded and in the end, we got our nite out! (not that we like to party but visas are hard to get nowadays leh)... and we had a fun filled nite out with shiwei puking all the way... we took lotsa pictures of him, and of course, i promised him i wouldn't post it in my bloggie... but i didn't promise him not to tell my readers how to look for the pictures thou... since our PM is doing it, we already posted his puking pictures on facebook, 'LIVE' that nite! as part of my promise, it's not posted on my facebook, but i'm not breaking any promises by saying that the pictures are in my friend's facebook... (tan cheng woon is the friend if readers are really so hardcore to look at the picture...) oh ya, to kick start the search, my facebook profile is here:



and i got to send shiwei home that nite, morning actually at 3am... and since his place is near mine, i walked home... a crazy 30 minutes walk... in a semi-tipsy mind... reached home, showered, drop dead on bed... (joelle and megan stayed overnight at mil's place)... and shiwei called me at 8am...

sw "oei, jianfu"

me "si mi sai?"

sw "在睡觉啊?"

me "aba then? 什么事?"

sw "oh, thank you, send 我回家, 打来看你有没有到家咯"

me "NB, 4 个钟头才打来问, 会不会太迟了? ling bei ai koon lah, bye bye..."

and after that, joelle's back home with megan and we went over to my parent's place for lunchie... and from then on, i fall dead sick with headache and fever... was sleeping at my parent's place on a hot afternoon shivering with cold... my mum looked at me and told joelle "天气那么热, 还冷到这样, bo ho say liao..."

and indeed, reached home in the evening, and slept thru-out the nite, skipping dinner...


and this morning, woke up, recovered! thanks to joelle's 细心照顾... thanks dear, for the pills, and water... and for sticking megan's cooling forehead thingy on me... thinking back, i do look idiotic with that sticker pad thingy on my forehead... no wonder i woke up midnight to find megan looking at me, laughing... really, she isn't just smiling, she was looking a me and laughing loudly... and i got to turn the other side then only she settled down to sleep... kaoz...


and my little angel, looking as sweet as ever... ending this post with these few photos taken this evening.









  1. 你的贝比好可爱噢~


  2. Very nice blog you have. Notice you just installed a "yao lan" for Megan, you may wish to consider removing it cause it will make her very dependant on it and will always need to be shake then can sleep in future. just my 2 cents.

  3. oh well, we dun intend to let her sleep in it during nite time... only during afternoon naps when its cooling to sleep in it and so can sleep longer. and we dun intend to shake it too, when she got the strength to shake it herself, we'll add more still to strengthen the tension to prevent shaking...

    ultimately, its for her to sleep more comfy during warm afternoons. so, should be ok bah... :)

  4. omg, STILL??? i meant SPRING... haha

  5. hey, 我被点名了!haha

    i just realized you work in Parsons Brinckerhoff!?? wow! we always have M&E engineers from Parsons meeting in our office. I supposed Parsons is very big lah, but I used to work with this lady called Soon Fong in Parsons, you happen to know her? haha.


  6. hey, small world in construction field, especially in singapore eh? yup, i know soon fong, she is still in parsons...

    which company you're working in?

  7. I'm in W Architects, haa but she may not remember me already as I only worked with her for a short while. hee.

    very small world.