Sunday, September 14, 2008

shiwei's wedding

just came back from shiwei's wedding dinner... finally, another brotherhood fallen into the darkness of marriage life... haha, dear, i'm just kidding... keke...


the wedding dinner is held at pan pac. i was supposed to be helping out as brother this morning, but still sick, so couldn't help him out... sorry bro, i think you'll understand lah... :)

P1020118  P1020122

most questions targeted at me tonight was "老婆女儿呢?"... oh well, megan is still not ready for this kind of 大场面lah... in fact, this evening, i got to pet her to sleep before i can leave the house... and joelle told me after i left, megan got cranky, almost seems like she misses her daddy... anyway, this is kyler... kids really grow fast, now he is walking and running all over the place liao...



and this is jovi... having lotsa fun with the utensils...



and the usual last round of drinking before we call it a day...


the happy groom... who is red all over...



i did say he is the happy groom right?


to the newly wedded, its another "and they live happily ever after" love story that comes alive... blissful marriage to both of ya, shiwei and alvinia, and don't stay in twos for too long... we're waiting for an end product from the two of you...

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