Friday, September 12, 2008

i'm so darn sick

last evening was really really sick and decided to go see a doc after work... finally...

had been taking medicines we had from previous visits, but don't seems to be working cuz i simply need a day or two to rest at home. now, its was only a couple of months before the company workyear closes, and my $200 incentive will be gone if i took mc wor... should i just take leave instead? $200 don't seem much, but it would meant around 4 milk powders for megan, lasting for 2 months wor... hmmm, thinking thinking...

anyway, i think i'm in a bad condition... the doc gave me fever pills, flu pills, antibiotic pills and cough syrup. and with all these mixed together... even elephant also dun dare to eat lor... somehow, the medicine don't really help thou... it made my throat even more sore this morning... and whole body wobbly like jelly... haiz... had my bfast and coffee, gonna take medicine later...


and these few days, didn't get close to megan (scare she kanna virus from me)... you can see how much she wanna look for me when she found out that i was actually watching her from behind...






and poor joelle, was doing nite feeds for 4 consecutive nights... i must recover quick quick! time for my medicine!


oh ya, joelle bought lanterns for megan and valerie... looking at the 2 lanterns, i already kinda know which one megan prefers, do you?



and recently, when left alone, megan would 'entertain' herself by 'talking' to herself... sorry darling, you were saying??

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