Tuesday, September 18, 2007


last nite, after reached home with our ta bao food, i changed into my boxer and had dinner with joelle. after makan, i headed straight to bathroom for my shower.
joelle followed behind, browsing thru the shelves saying "b ah, 刚才拿到你的boxer from toilet... 哎, 跑到哪里去了?"
i stood there, pointing to my boxer "b ah, 那我现在穿的是什么? 我的皮啊?"
joelle was like "hee... what happen to me??"

this morning, while crossing the road to park view, i was suan-ing joelle about this, saying she tupid tupid... then she 'piak' me on my face and say "不要在 peanut 面前讲我 tupid hor"
i was like "nb... 在 peanut 面前打我!"
peanut ah, peanut, 你有一个爱讲老妈的老爸&爱打老爸的老妈... 以后你有戏看了... :P

right now, only 6 words left to say:
si bei sian
ai koon liao

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