Friday, September 28, 2007

butter cookie no more

today we went for our nuchal translucency scan at thomson medical center. this nt scan is an option offered to us for screening for chromosomal abnormalities... thats a mouthful... in short, we are doing a scan to detect for likelihood of baby having down syndrome... anyway, its not free hor, cost us $100+ lor... anyway, our baby's risk is low... yipee!!
so this is what happened today. we taken leave today but still got to wake up early cuz the bloody nurse fixed a 8:30am appointment for us lor... grrr.... anyway, joelle put on her new dress...

and can see she is happy... :)

after a heavy traffic jam, we finally reached tmc, and while waiting for our scan, i saw this picture... hmm... think i saw it on sum1's wallpaper in office... just can't remember whose...

during the scan, the scanographer, eliz, said our baby very the 乖. cuz already in a position to allow the fluid collection behind peanut's neck to be scanned... sum people need to wait for 5 hours+ for their baby to be in a suitable position! anyway, after the scan, we were assured our peanut is ok... phew... and its time for our bfast! we walked to velocity at novena only to found out there doesn't have macdonald lor... oh yeah, saw this funny pointy building along the way... so we decided to go centerpoint for mac bfast... (hey, if we choose mt.alvernia to deliver peanut, novena mrt got free shuttle bus... keke)

finally, centerpoint... my fav sme again!!! why centerpoint for mac bfast wor? cuz joelle's sil working in m)phosis here mah... so after bfast, its shopping spree again...

joelle bought 2 dresses, and reserved 2 more... today payday, who cares! haha... then we headed to far east... nothing much to shop over there also... sianz...

then we went over to borders, as i wanna look for a preggy journal for our peanut's scrapbook. couldn't find what we want, so we decided to try out kinokuniya at taka... along the way joelle was kinda attracted by this uncle.... 's ripple ice-cream!

we can't find what we want at kinokuniya either... so we decided to try the spring shop at plaza sing. but before that, we need food! so its crystal jade at plaza sing... awww, sweet memory, this is also where we treated our frds and families attending our rom...
1. 不可以没有的 - 皮蛋粥

2. 烧肉 + 烧鸭 = 绝陪啊!

3. 腐皮卷 + 芋角 =

omg, 好久没有吃到那么饱了...

eat until so oily oily, must go with some 中国茶!

after 填饱肚子, off we go to look for the scrapbook! and finally, we got what we looking for!

after that, we went to my parent's place for dinner. now, we were home... so tired but what a fulfilling day... so happi happi... oh ya, although no printout for us, the scanographer told us peanut is 6.72cm now... length of a 酥达饼 and butter cookie no more!

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