Monday, September 10, 2007

warm, liquidy solid stuff

met joelle at buggis after work and she complaint not feeling well. tot maybe she is hungry so we went old chang kee for curry puff and yam cake, and we took cabby home after we finished the finger food. halfway thru the journey, she felt nauseous, took out a plastic bag and puke... the plastic bag was like, resting on my arm and i could feel the warm, liquidy solid stuff in it... eeew!

once reached home, i quickly went downstairs to finish up the 7月拜拜 thingy... speaking of which, this afternoon asked jann, eveie and der when is the last day of 7月, eveie and der shake their head... and jann smartly answered "7月31号lor"... i was like "nb... ling bei 好仙ah?"

anyway, after dinner, my baby is knocked out on bed... like a baby, with our baby...
me? still blogging and changed my bloggy background... :)

oh ya, heard the 2 boys missed their school today... the late nite? the char kway teow? the hot sun? the kfc? or the mixture of vodka + orange juice i used to make them sleep???
ahhh... i'm so evil... aiya, boys gonna learn drinking anyway...

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