Saturday, September 15, 2007

teresa's hse warming

after we shop until 'song song', we took a cabby from causeway point to teresa's house warming at sengkang. was writting our well-wishes on the ang bao when joey, vincent and jayjay arrived.

in case cannot read, this is what we wrote:

To: Teresa & Xiangyun
House 有了.

well, surely i can't just go around teresa's house 随随便便 happily snap snap and blog it right? so didn't take picture... but then hor, just can't resist the urge to secretly snap this beautiful chandelier hanging over the dinning table... nice...

joey and joelle... the two 91...
91 : Jiu Yi : Joey
91 : Jiu Yao : Joelle

we talk talk chat chat eat eat laugh laugh until didn't realise it was already 7pm+...
stayed for over 5 hours at teresa's place... time to go home le...

not going home exactly, we heading to joelle parent's place. :)

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