Friday, February 15, 2008

70 cents a day

without me knowing it, another day gone... or gone-ing soon... went for our gynae appointment this morning. reached there on time and found out that, doc adrian was delivering a baby and would be back in another 30 minutes... so we went for our bfast.

today, we found that:
- megan is already 2kg + and her head is in the down position
- we can opt for c-sect, and can choose any date from 20th mar onwards
- there are hell lotsa injections awaiting megan when she is born... 不怕不怕,爸爸在!
- we can save megan's cord blood for her protection with cordlife, there is a one time charge of $1400 + $250 yearly fee... $250 is to be paid from the second year onwards. on top of that, delivery in tmc entitled us to a $450 discount...
- there is a babycare festival coming up on the 21st - 23rd mar at singapore expo. we can check out the cordlife thingy from there as well, and maybe other thingy... if, megan hasn't arrive lah...

ooh, so the heavy topic... now, the lighter side, we headed to imm after our gynae appointment. saw this book at popular and find it so relevant to joelle wor... keke

decided to walk to imm from jurong east interchange as there is a long queue waiting for the free shuttle bus.

wanna look for a baby cot for megan but can't find anything suitable at all... so went shopping instead... nothing to shop also... so went for our lunchie at the coffee shop, cw brought me there before, for the roasted duck noodles... and homemade ice lemon tea...


and sipping...

sucking to the last drop... 好酸哦!

just did a mental calculation, $250 yearly fee for cord blood storage with cordlife. $0.70 per day, less than a can of ice-lemon tea... affordable wor... think we'll go for it... oh ya, changed my banner after working on it for 2 days... nice mah??


  1. China Town area got another bb shop.

    Cheong Choon Store
    Blk 34 Upper Cross Street #03-132

    open from 1.30pm onwards

  2. thanks bro... later tonight we're going to check out the baby cot at BHG and wardrobe at Ikea... :)