Sunday, February 3, 2008

me-r-lot, ah-choo, sniff sniff...

just went for our blunch and did some grocery at ntuc. bought for myself another aussie merlot, the yellow tail... generally i prefer merlots, cuz its more sweety fruity bah... and for kangaroo ridge, if you pour a glass and left it to 'breath' for 10-15 minutes, the aroma is... arousing... haha... anyway, got to give other merlots a try, who knows, maybe can find one that's cheaper and nicer, like our fav kangaroo ridge...

speaking of red wine, last nite while slipping my wine, tcs5 is showing this comedy
sideways. about a guy whose a depression suffer and love red wine... but he hate merlots... grrr... but anyway the movie was release in 2004 and won quite a number of awards... so award-winning movies are generally slow-paced and at times, boring... but dun know why i finished it last nite... i'm bored??

and... my nose is at it again... always sneezy sneezy when its rainny... joelle looking out the rainny outside, look at my sneezy nose and shake her head "your hypersensitive nose, jia lak lah..."

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