Saturday, February 9, 2008


woken up once again by you know what... ghee, is there a lion dance club house at my void deck or what? laze on bed until 11am then see the sun shining bright bright and so, decided to go for a run... told joelle i'm going for a run...
joelle: "wait lah, i make bfast, eat le then run k?"
me: "dun want lah, wait rain liao..."
joelle: "5 minutes, then i get out of bed to make bfast."
me: "then give me 5 minutes, i run and come back for bfast..."
joelle: "you where got run and come back 5 minutes one?'
me: "you where got wake up in 5 minutes one??"
joelle: "..."

there i am, applied sunblock, and went for my canal run... as usual, i'm not alone, there're quite a number of people running also, some going for fishing. the only difference is, my mp3 player low batt... grrr... luckily got 鸟语花香,春风满面... i think i used the wrong 成语... i'm trying to say its quite windy... :P

after the canal run, i tot its not enuff for me, so i went up the multi-storey carpark and did a power training on the roof... whats power training? learnt this back in the commando days, run one round the carpark, slow jog one round, then run, then jog... 5 rounds and i'm panting like a dog...

phew... so so tired now, but feels great! joelle made scrambled egg sandwich for bfast! later still got gathering at shikun's place for dinner... today's run is a must... :)

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