Monday, February 11, 2008

nasi lemak in... and almost out...

had nasi lemak at the qiji stall at bugis. didn't know i actually had this before until someone tabao and i saw the green packet and i was like "oei, sally ordered this during xmas eve wor...". it tastes better than the first time i had it during xmas eve... i guess back then the food came in too early and by the time we started eating, the food had turned cold le... thumbs up for the chilli, its really good!

once home, i went for my power training at the multi-storey carpark rooftop.
used mapmyrun to calculate the distance of 1 round, and its 0.1mile (160m).
so i decided to do 10 sets (1 set = 1 round sprint, 1 round jog).
into my 6th set, i felt like puking the nasi lemak already, can almost tasted the chicken wing in my mouth liao, and decided to call it a day... and complete the remaining 4 sets with just jogging... tomolo will be endurance training, 4 rounds around the school, around 4km.
this is how we trained during the commando days, 1 day power training, 1 day endurance training... why suddenly all these shit training? cuz i got to clear my ippt before april... and since megan also arriving around that period... got to book my ippt test on the 1st week of march... I CANNOT GO RT!

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