Tuesday, October 16, 2007


ytd, joelle went to see doc adrian to confirm if she can start work or not... before she go, she called me... "b ah, if doc adrian wanna scan peanut, wanna ask him if can see peanut's gender?". i replied a firm firm "NO... must wait for me... keke"

anyway, doc adrian said joelle can start work already, however, if she still want to rest, he can give her more mc... joelle said no, not good to keep taking mc... 那里知道, went home and kept vomiting again... this morning, i took half day to accompany her to see doc adrian once again... on the way i was telling joelle "see lah, 屁股痒leh. 昨天都给你mc了,不要拿..."
joelle: "tot 好了吗... 那里知道又会吐啊? 怎么跟adrian讲?"
me: "you just tell him, doc ah, ytd 我屁股痒, 没有拿mc, 现在屁股真的很痒, 可以帮忙扒吗?"
joelle: "ok lor, 你跟他讲你老婆屁股痒lor,叫他扒一扒lor..."
(we bursted out laughing... haha...)

oh anyway, our baby scan, peanut is now 9cm!

peanut, so cute, sometimes lay on the right, sometimes lay on the left... keke

oh ya, the usual 9cm something around the house... found these 2 red wine corks, both adding up to 9cm! my fav merlot red wine, the kangaroo ridge...

jann's fav too, i believe... as val so wisely put it "哎,那个喝醉的!"

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