Sunday, October 28, 2007


i'm completely used, wasted and spent...
did all my housework, making the bed, sweep and mopped the floor, did the laundries and most importantly, washed my socks... joelle leh? taking a nappie all these time... she looked so tired...

had an ordeal with the bloody washing machine again.
the power is working this time, but the water just don't wanna pour... off and on and off and on... checked the water pipe, its turned on leh... then realised... oh, 要盖, 水才会流lor...

was mopping the floor when joelle nappie on the sofa.
then she opened her eyes and said: "b b 真可怜,一个人做家务..."
me: "aiya, last week never do, this week die die must do lor... since got feeling to do, quickly do lor"
joelle: "hmmm... 我好幸福哦" (closes her eye...)
i was like...
suddenly joelle say: "oh ya, 等一下我和sis去john little..."
me: "den 我怎么办?"
joelle: "你要去meh?"


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