Thursday, October 18, 2007


YES, i have just s--t--r--e--t--c--h--e--d my bloggie...
now it looks wider... eveything going wide-screen nowadays mah... keke

just now on my way home, joelle sms me asking what time i'll be home. she wanted me to give her a buzz when i'm near home so she can cook the dishes and is still hot when i'm home... awww... so touched, she know i like my food sizzling hot!
this afternoon, i guppled down a bowl of hot soup, can't recall who actually said "哇,喝那么快,会烧到肝啊!"... haha, thats just me!

well, i did sms joelle when i'm near:
Dear Peanut, got miss daddy? Daddy miss you too... Oh ya, tell mummy, daddy miss her too... Psst, tell mummy daddy miss her more than you k? Of course, you know daddy miss you more, ke ke... Oh ya, tell mummy daddy is at city hall... Actually daddy reaching cck le... Then daddy suddenly pop up at home, surprise mummy k? You also act surprised k? Love Ya... Oh, and mummy too...

i think i 头脑不正常... grrr, speaking of which, 好象又要头痛了... grrr....

还是快快去睡觉... TGIFT (Thank God Its Friday Tomolo)

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