Wednesday, October 3, 2007

personality test

saw this linky from dasherxxx's bloggie...
there are a few pictures for you to click click click and reveals your personality...
tried it and gotten the below results:

Moods: Easy Rider
Always taking life how it comes, and living in the moment. They don’t get fazed by life… they just breeze through.

You’re a bit of romantic and have a taste for the exotic. You love feeling the sea breeze in your hair, sun on your skin… slip those shoes off… you like to kick back. When it comes to art, you have a traditional eye. You are passionate about history and skills that have been around for centuries, you believe truly great art stands the test of time. As for music, it’s the soundtrack to your world. It gives you focus, and concentration – you might find it hard to switch off. Your choice of treat reveals either real exhaustion, or maybe a bit of laziness? Either way you’re never happier than when you’re rugged, and snuggled up, eyes shut.

Fun: Escape Artist
They are forever slipping off, getting away from the rat race, and recharging those batteries. Independent, and thoughtful – they know themselves well.

You love to be far away from your everyday life. You love the sun, and like to live life at a slower pace than most – you know how to take things nice and easy! For kicks there is nothing like a little affection to give you a buzz. There is never enough time to love! When it comes to holidays, you like to explore and immerse yourself in another culture. Always on the go, you take in as much as you can. You find it hard to switch off, as you like to learn all the time. What grosses you out? You like people to be well groomed, with a tight bod and heaps of sex appeal. Wobby bits and hairy areas are a complete turn off.

Habits: Back To Basics
They are stiving for a simpler life, they do without disposable trends – they are inspired by nature and longevity.

Even if you have a healthy approach to life, you still have your little vices that keep you going throughout the day. It is all part of the routine, you’re a creature of habit. Mmmm – caffeine – you love the stability and comfort of routine. Sometimes you need an extra kick to get going. Where would you be without it? As for the home you have very cool and contemporary tastes – a bit of a style monger actually. It’s not just about function – your environment has to be as stylish as you are.

Love: Love Bug
They are the type to fall in love a thousand times a day. Their feelings snowball quickly, and they are full of passion.

For you love is about long-term commitment, it means devotion and tenderness. When you think of freedom – you think of technology providing you the links to communicate wherever you are. Opening more doors.

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