Saturday, October 20, 2007

today did you can to my house or not

setting off to mil's place soon.
since joelle bathing now, online my msn and saw this, from the kids again...

sent 20/Oct/07 13:11: Joelle,today did you can to my house or not please call me now!
sent 20/Oct/07 13:17: Please tell Ah Fu to bring the game CD that I had told him at the last week when you two come.
sent 20/Oct/07 13:19: weewewewee.3.

whats with the weewewewee.3.?
hmmm... bring game? 门都没有!
not after what you kids had done to yourself at school:
- valerie : caught playing cheat in spelling
- daryl : caught with 1 month worth of undone homework
- dominic : caught in the middle of PSLE... and caught with the bloody bad spelling in the msn msg... "today did you can to my house or not"...

omg... 姑仗要故障了...

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