Saturday, October 20, 2007


had a fright ytd... while cleaning my pendant in office, the hook broke into two! desperately i went around office looking for anyone who had superglue with them...
it seems like everyone knows its my fav... subsitute xXx with anyone i asked...
me: "xXx, 有没有 superglue?"
xXx: "没有哦,干吗?"
me: "我的 pendant 断了..."
xXx: "har? 你的心肝宝贝 leh"
me: "你怎么知道?"
xXx: "你每天都带吗..."
the more desperate i became... 我的心肝宝贝 leh...

luckily found superglue and managed to fix it back... no more rough handling anymore... no more... actually, the pendant comes in 2 pieces, one for him, one for her. just that joelle didn't wear it, so it was kept in the drawer... and so it looks very much newer than the one i always wear....

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