Sunday, October 21, 2007


was pillow talking with joelle after our fav macdonald sme bfast.
she asked me: "b, 你觉得你爱我多,还是我爱你多?"
me: "of course, 你爱我多... you to me is 又爱又狠 lor... there are things you say or do, that i hate so much, but yet i still love ya... and because of love, how can there be hate? and its making me 痛苦... and i guess, being in the extreme ends of feeling hate and love and being 痛苦 about it, that's what love is all about lor... being miserable over it"

now joelle napping le... listening to internet radio from itunes... nice chillout jazz station from so so so relaxing... i guess, housework 留到下个星期吧!...

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