Saturday, October 20, 2007

finally home. found this at the kid's place. i was wondering, maybe they simply didn't touch this book or this book isn't as effective as it claims...

anyway, was chatting with joelle on our way to mil's place...
joelle: "b 怀孕很辛苦leh, 不然你生啦"
me: "ok lor, 为爱人生baby, 我一定不会kpkb的"
joelle show me this
me: "aiya, 生baby吗, 脚开开, ha-choo, baby就pop出来了lor..."
she show me 凸 凸

我好象在找死... 哈哈...


  1. Hi!

    Just dropping by to say how adorable little Megan is! Love her smiling faces on your banner! :)

    And hey, thanks for linking up my blog to yours too!

    Have a great week!


    Our Everyday Things
    - Loving life with children, everyday

  2. Hey, thanks...
    Love reading your blog too.. Cute Kids, nice photos and great reading...

    And like your signoff, Loving Life With Children, Everyday... :)