Monday, October 1, 2007

low voltage

haa... today no need to go to the 鸟不生蛋 place le. cuz of children's day, the officer incharge was on leave and so... nobody to do the permit for us, so... no need to go today, keke...

anyway, went to another site office at golden mile and tried to set up the phone wirings on our patch panel. was trying to patch the phone wire and kanna electric shock!
cw, warned this is a low-voltage wire b4 i touched the blue and orange wire... suddenly kanna electrocuted... i was like "wah lan eh, u say low voltage?"
cw replied "ya lah, low voltage lah, thats why u still alive"

anyway, went for a short drink with weekiat, der and jann and joelle... eveie kinda leave early... think she too tired le bah (worked too muchie late nite le, eveie, must rest well k?)
weekiat annouced his wedding is on 15th dec... haa, looking forward bro... but do work on the guest list and schedule fast fast hor... not enuff time liao... haha... dun stress!

oh ya, last nite had a good laugh... val was playing with herself and suddenly she mimic the m1 advertisement, word by word... the famous 'mr curryhouse'... (click for youtube version)

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