Friday, November 2, 2007


omg omg omg... my long lost love found me in facebook!
really made my friday shine like a .... whatever that bloody shine lah... keke
after so long, bro, i still don't like that chinese name of yours, of cuz, you don't like mine either, but at least you know how to find lok kin fook in the world of facebook... how do you bloody expect me to find you, zhang zhan hao? when you are mostly alias as rek chong? 张站好... now i recalled how i made fun of your name back in alpnet dayzzz.... STAND PROPERLY!

now, lets see what i say about you in facebook...

1. we dated but now we ain't speaking, and its complicated...
rmb the days we will 'secretly' met up behind our gf's back at citylink for the walk to suntec? if i'm early, i'll go for the latte, and vise versa for ya... and waited for each other for knocking off walks back to city hall... omg, we're so gay back then... no wonder every ex-alpnet-ians kept asking me, when is your gay buddy coming back? well, i would say, we could have make it if not because of joelle and jannie then... now we ain't speaking... 分割两地啊!

2. we worked at alpnet
of course, thats where we met... when the stupid programmer met the bloody I.T. guy who don't like to have a stupid programmer keep pestering the bloody I.T. guy for the MS Project CD... who, the stupid programmer don't really appreciate the 'helpfullness' of the bloody I.T. guy for delaying the CD... oh well... whatever...

3. we met randomly
in fact, i feel 牛郎 and 织女 met up more often than we actually did... its only 10,869km between singapore and london. my 2.4km run is around 12minutes... so it would take me 38days, running day and night, at that constant speed without rest to reach you... i wouldn't bet on you running to me, at the rate you grew... haa... hey, when you bloody back to singapore??

4. we hooked up and it ain't fun at all...
its written in history and proven by facts all around the world. distance relationship wouldn't work dude... its not fun at all hooking up with you, dude... haha...

i was kinda wondering, who the f**k was this so china-name-guy "zhanhao zhang" is? aiya, accept his request for frds and see how lah... then saw this on my inbox:
"yo buddy.. gald to have found u on facebook. How's life lately? Sh-rek chong.."
ghee, i was this close to ignore your request... haha...

ghee, wrote so much on you, dude... as compared to my previous post about you: eric and shanice wedding
imagine i was so badly beaten up by huishan during the alpnet dayz... and rek also... god i missed rek (bro, come back from london plssss... )

性, i meant, 姓张的, 你给我听好好, 站好好... 快给我滚回来!

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