Monday, November 19, 2007


i chicken out today... didn't toss the bras down. thanks to jiankai, leaving a comment on my post, warning about the killer litter crime i'm about to commit... my bad, didn't consider the possibility it may land on someone's head and kill him! i meant, the cuppa was like so huge, it may kill someone lor... or worst, hit that someone and that someone is not killed but better off dead being 衰 forever lor... god forgive me... and condemn the bra owner... :P

anyway, joelle and me 不约而同 got 2 red bombs today... and i really meant, red bombs... when we took out the cards, both of us were like... wow, ang ang (hokkien 红红) oh... hmmm... ang ang, sounds like someone from joelle's company... :P

anyway, early congrats to weekiat (my ang ang) and teresa (joelle's ang ang)!
and wow... one on 15th, one on 16th... 1516!

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