Thursday, November 15, 2007


went simlim with cw today again to buy that (don't know what the hell it is called) to get the phone system up at gmt 9th floor, the same thing i did for the 12 floor... but tomolo, its tc's turn to do it, warn him about the low voltage already wor... 明天就看他自己的造化了... :P

anyway, while cw driving me to simlim, he asked if joelle wearing brown today... he was attending a seminar at park view, ibm office and tot he saw joelle... i replied him, how i remember what color joelle wearing. he said i weak... asked him back if he know what color his wife wearing today... haha, he also don't know... men are from mars, remember? keke... and joelle really wearing brown today wor...

oh, saw youhe this afternoon at beach road market and jiankai added me to facebook wor... so happi... keke... and that tupid jiankai has to take my friend test and scored... 10/100... alamak, 17 years frds... 十七年,换来一个十分...


  1. ah ha ha! i just chose the options i like mah... 17yrs, i tot what i like, u shd like also?? ha ha!

  2. chek... i think we only share the same basketball interest, thats all... keke