Tuesday, November 6, 2007

nicey nice orangey orange

reached home pretty early today, even thou left power seraya at 5:35pm, managed to reach home 6:15pm, thanks to the nice pm for the ride... when i was home, i was thinking, hey, this is a good chance for me to snap that orangey sky shot which i have been wanting to shoot... everyday, when i reached yew tee mrt from work, the sky is so orangey pretty... but i remembered the view from my window is superb, but when i got home, the sky darken... it was like so split second and then its gone... so today, since i'm home early, i standby my nokia for the nicey nice orangey orange sky... this is before it happen:

a few minutes later. tata! it happened! nice right? the hdb flat blocks the direct glare from the setting sun, so the camera is able to capture the beautiful orange sky without the glare...
i'm so proud of myself... then i realised, 我好犯贱哦... every sat and sun also can see wah... why so gan jiong only during the weekday... 想想一下, its that moment thingy that makes it special mah... 常常有,就不special le... :)

a few minutes later, joelle is back and the sky darken already... sunset, is always so beautiful but brief... anyway, we went to have our dinner, curry fish head + my fav 佛钵飘香! yummy!

hmmm... ever wonder why its called 佛钵飘香 and not 芋头飘香? after a serious internet research, that lasts around 3.2 minutes... here's the answer:
飘香 - its because the dish is really 飘香 lor...
佛钵 - its because it looked like this:

oh ya, rmb my previous post, i asked whats nokia's previous industry? oh well, they used to be in the timber industry, now, telecommunication... my U lecturer told me b4, and i was like 买仙啦... but, its no joke lor... check it out!

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