Tuesday, November 27, 2007


worked late today again... joelle taken a day mc today, and was at her parent's place when i knocked off, so i went over to eat dinner. was sitting with val on the sofa chatting, i asked her if she heard 周杰伦's new songs or not... so we both listen to my ipod until its time for us to go home. on my way home, i was thinking, i seems to have all 周杰伦's songs on my ipod... not all actually, there is this song "不能说的秘密" from the movie of the same title he directed, that i can't seem to get my hands on... neither did i saw the movie... hmmm... time to do some serious internet 'research'... :P


  1. I got tat song ! If you want pass ur thumb drive to joelle than I transfer to her lah.

  2. too slow, too bad... i got it le... keke... thanks anyway... :)