Thursday, November 29, 2007

counting down

a smooth start with a good day for joelle, and a good start with a smooth day for me... well, joelle had a smooth start in the loo early morning and we got to take cabby to work. and surprisingly we managed to reach buggis at 8... so we go for a hearty bfast at ya kun and a good day for joelle. i, on the other hand, had a good start with the hearty bfast, followed by a smooth day in office loo... :P

hmmm... counting down... not to weekend, cuz this sat got to come back office to work... counting down to 10pm instead, cuz got to go back office to settle the router for gmt... sianz ahhh...

got a funny feeling nowadays, keep missing megan whenever i got to work late... oh ya, megan, our baby's name. we choose it even before we know megan's gender... last nite, joelle said megan seems to be sleeping pretty early, cuz she usually kicks at night... i put my hand on joelle's tummy and said "megan, give daddy a kick. please, give daddy a kick and daddy go sleep k?" and right after that, we felt 2 kicks! i guess megan trying to say "diam lah, i'm trying to sleep here..." keke

ghee, i better take a nap before cw comes to pick me at 10pm to go back office... ahhh... my job sucks...

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