Friday, November 23, 2007


yeah, 到家了... today's ot is cancelled. supposed to upgrade all the server's antivirus software, but then, full backup didn't do yet, backup on thursday, will affect friday's performance, so that means, next friday do full backup, next sat then go back upgrade... :(

was telling joelle i had lunchie at the army market's koko-mee. wanted to go there last week for dinner, but they close after 4pm... joelle asked what noodle i had, and i said, "bee tai bak". joelle was like: "我也是吔!"

known the stall owner ever since i worked in pb, he was asking how come rarely see our lunchie group le... well, we used to have a large lunchie group until most of them left pb... oh well, since no need to stay back today, and since joelle needed to stay back for a little while, i went to ta bao some old-chang-kee nimbles to joelle's office and saw this nice cloudy view from her office window... oh, 月亮那么早就出来了...

anyway, 很久没有星期五那么早到家了... now that dinner is settled, showered, body going all soft after 1 whole week of work~~~~~~~~~~

oh ya, tomolo going for a detail scan le... should be able to know peanut's gender by then... i guess we not waiting till 8th dec then announce le, once the doc can confirm tomolo, we'll announce... 好期待哦!

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