Friday, November 30, 2007

how to reheat the essense

ghee, left home last nite at 11pm to work and came back home at 5am this morning... completed sav10 upgrades for some servers but not the main file servers thou (that has to wait till this sat). but couldn't get the router to work in gmt... it just wouldn't wanna 'talk' to singnet line... don't know why also, cw say today will email singtel and complain... :P

wanna wake up at 6am to make anmum milk for joelle, but simply cannot wake up... told joelle i'll sleep for a little longer. don't care if late for work liao... and i woke up at 8:30am, hee... and saw this note on my desk:

it says:

Hello Megan's Daddy,

Din know u start work late & had prepared a bottle of chicken essense in the pot.
If you want it hot, take out the chicken essense from pot, reboil the water, off the fire then put bottle in again.

Luv you,
Megan's Mummy

awww... so touched... but then again, need to write so much on the "how to reheat the essense" procedure meh? keke...

still very touched thou... okie dokie, got to go back office le... sianz...

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