Thursday, November 1, 2007


while walking with eveie to park view, my 17 year old frd (as in, known him for 17 years, not that he is 17 years old...), seewee sms me, inviting me to his wedding dinner and to be his band-o-brothers... and guess what, its on 12th sept 2008 lor... wah liew eh, brother, a bit the early to inform me right??

eveie was like... wow... so advance booking one ah... and then she was like, wow... your bloggie got lotsa wedding dinner wor...

haha, how right she is, got so many wedding dinner to attend lor... so very the 喜气洋洋 lor... keke... hmmm... so my brothers left with albert, weixun, victor and vincent... guys, pull up your socks k? :P

grrr, today don't know what happen to the bloody mrt again... hike up the prices and come with this bloody slow train services... damn you transitlink... luckily joelle and i got ourselves something to munchie at old chang kee b4 boarding train. nothing much to do, so looked around and saw lotsa preggies bypass us...
joelle 暗暗 point at preggie and ask: "男的女的?"
me: "男的..."
joelle point at next: "男的女的?"
me: "女的..."
joelle point at next: "男的女的?"
me: "nb lah, this ger is fat lah... hmmm, 油lor..."

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