Saturday, March 1, 2008

another day gone

too lazy to cook, too tired to go out, so the best solution is to call for pizza. really long time never called pizza le... checked out pizza hut's web and decided to try its new amore italia pizza, a little sidetrack from our usage order for the hawaiian pizza (no pineapples for joelle) and curry chicken (joelle dread spicy stuff since preggie)... oh well, its so so lor... anyway, love the juicy fresh tomatoes!


somehow, somewhat, joelle crave for the spicy drumlets... oh, now she can take spicy stuff... very selective lor... pssst, she never liked curry chicken supreme pizza anyway...


and this hush brown made in starry shape.


saw from the news, that singapore police force had sent mms to everyone to hunt down this fugitive who escaped on 27th Feb... joelle said "4 days liao, run to malaysia liao lah"... i was wondering, besides trying to get the fugitive, perhaps the government should explain why this negligence is happening. anyway, rifle can be smuggled out of SAF camp, what else cannot happen?


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