Monday, March 10, 2008

sore and ache

went to work with an aching body and a sore throat. i guess i really gave all out for my ippt until now legs ache, back ache, stomach ache, triceps ache, kaoz... sore throat? from all the fried food i ate during the weekends lor...

felt a little feverish after lunchie, and the sore throat ain't getting any better and comes the runny nose attack... sianz... told joelle about my throat getting worst, and she suggested making honey lime later... hmmm, not bad wor, so off to cold storage to buy some fresh limes... and ate some old chang kee curry puff and sotong balls. crazy right? sore throat liao still eat old chang kee... but craving leh...

by the time we reached yew tee, the throat is acting up again, no appetite to eat, so we settle for bee tai bah... once home, i opened the can of honey...


put some ice into the mixer, add in the honey...


squeezy squashy some lime juice into the mixer...


so many seeds wor... okie, time to shake it~~~


ta daa... my ice cold honey lime... very soothing... but, think it only 治标不治本.


sore throat, sore throat, pls go away... 我今年还想拿200的哦... :P

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