Tuesday, March 4, 2008


just now, after our ta bao dinner, we snuggle up on bed and pillow talked... we realised, little megan seems to move a lot whenever she hears my voice. pure coincident? i dun think so wor... so joelle decided to do a little test, by asking megan while her hand rested on her tummy...

"megan, if you love mummy, kick mummy's hand."
(nothing happen after a few minutes...)

"megan, if you love dadd..."
(megan kicked, moved, punched even before joelle finish her sentence...)

oh well, after all, i'm the one who sings to megan wor... recently i sang tank's 给我你的爱 to megan, i guess thats why she love daddy more bah (darn, i'm so attached to her now) :P

this evening, joelle's butt was so very the painful that she had to sit at the chairs at BHG entrance for a long while before we can start walking to the taxi stand...

她, 痛哭了.
我, 心碎了.

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