Thursday, March 6, 2008

fly me to the moon

this evening, was knocking off later than usual because of a meeting with vendor... called joelle when i reached bugis, and she said she's at office, but i heard children's voices in the background and i asked "你的office有小孩子meh?"... joelle laughed and replied "shirley lah!"... haha... kawaii... :P

had dinner with joelle at victoria market and decided to have a little walkie to walk off the fats... along the way, took a pict of the st.joseph's church. nice touch of blue and white~~~


and the chijmes, whose tower looks a little like sleeping beauty's castle...


actually intended to walk all the way to fullerton but joelle is already feeling tired by the time we reached funan. and so, we told a cab home from there.

so why the title? cuz after joelle showered, she stood beside me, while i'm surfing webby. then my itunes played this song, and so i turned back and told megan this is daddy's fav song, and sang to her... she responded wor... especially when i'm on this part "~~ in other words, darling kiss me ~~"


  1. less than a month liao...!! heh heh, eagerly anticipating huh! excited excited~

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